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[01.01.20, 12p]
Welcome to Sailors.
Once upon a time, a prince on Earth and a princess from the Moon Kingdom fell in love. Unfortunately for them, real life is not a Taylor Swift song. You know how the story goes, up to a point: the news of their engagement drove a woman who was infatuated with the Prince mad with jealousy. This pervasive negative emotional state opened her up to exploitation by a demonic evil force which drove her right over the edge into malicious insanity. She became a focus point through which the evil entity could infect the surrounding atmosphere with negativity, which in turn fed and strengthened it. War spread over Earth like a disease. Its citizens turned on each other, turned on the Moon itself until Queen Serenity used the full power of the Silver Imperium crystal to seal away the evil menace where it could do no more harm—or at least, she gave her life in the attempt. But life is not a fairy tale for little children, and martyrdom is no proof of victory.

People do not reincarnate but Power does. Power moves forward into the bodies of the young and turns them into living weapons powered by Planets with only their hearts to shield them from the danger.

The year is 2013. We have been at war for over sixty years. We have lost soldiers, and we have lost ground, but we have not lost everything. The World is covered in shadows but Tokyo endures. Though Serenity may have failed to obliterate evil, and though the Darkness maybe be spreading, as long as pure-hearted [info]sailors stand guard, ready for their Princess' return, we have not lost—yet.

Cast List [01.01.20, 11a]
It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. )
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character classes + tropes list. [01.01.20, 10a]

timeline. [01.01.20, 9a]
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holds. [01.01.20, 8a]
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application. [01.01.20, 7a]
Next adds: TBD!

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rules + faq [01.01.20, 4a]

resources + credit [01.01.20, 3a]

mod contact/dropbox. [12.31.19, 9a]
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Magical Girl Music [05.17.13, 9p]
Moon Music for any Magical Moment ❁
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